White Love – One Dove

White Love, Fantastic track from the band One Dove.

This music sustained me during the early 90’s, one of the best periods of  my life.

If you love this track as much as I do you may want to Buy White Love at Amazon.com

If I were you I would get a copy while you still can – only four left when I bought mine.


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  1. “wanna keep hold of this for you”

  2. LOL!!!!!!

  3. I thought that too , but it’s not . . .

  4. is it just me or does it sound like kate bush singing in the background???

  5. This is what Heaven sounds like…

  6. Too bad, they never did a second album, didn’t go under the 4AD label, or have Alan Moulder as a producer.

  7. I miss 1993

  8. Remind me of being monged!

  9. I got some cd’s of One Dove… guess I’m lucky 😉 Beautiful music!

  10. HaHa, same sentiment for me, brings back memories. All of the great songs survive the test of time.

  11. Hello from Mexico City, I can make for you a digital copy of the CD and two singles comming from del album. I am totally new in YOU TUBE, but let me know how to send you a copy, and for sure for me will be a pleasure to share one of the most spectacular albums of indie musica

  12. where is jim mcinvin if you know tell me i grew up with hin

  13. Anyone who owns cd interested in sharing?

  14. Hello from Mexico City, I am so excited to listen or view again this monument of song. Very good example of good taste to make indie Music.

    God bless the Tube

  15. one of the most under-rated songs on the 90’s. love it, love it, love it666

  16. is she ever a looker wow even now she is a knockout

  17. damn i’m old.

    morning white dove in my sony walkman going to school in grade 10

  18. her eyebrows and makeup… wow dot looks so different now

  19. I saw this band live at the Zap in Brighton. They were supprting Andy Weatherall. Terrific stuff!

  20. The singer reminds me of Traci Lords

  21. I just found it on Amazon.

  22. try here gadsden

  23. Great Great stuff anyone know how to get this cd been out of print for long time !!!

  24. I had annoyed a lot of record shop employees & DJ’s for years before I eventually found out on line (by typing the lyrics into google) the name of the band & ordered a new CD…Ahh the wonders of the internet.

  25. also my favorite album ever..has’nt dated a bit & when ever I stick it on in the background people always ask who it is & will I make them a copy…first version I had was a short copied cassette tape which was left by the previous occupiers of a boat we hired on the river shannon..there was no name on the tape so it made this music seem even more intriguing & haunting…

  26. her eyebrows and makeup… wow dot looks so different now

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