Welcome to MacKinven.com

Welcome, I’ve just put this blog up and am quite pleased with how it’s come together.

I wanted something very simple and minimalistic, where I could post my off-topic thoughts that do not fit into the context of my other web properties.

I started with WordPress, an excellent free web publishing application – or blog. Installed this on a web host, and got down to finding myself a good clean wordpress theme that I could modify and build upon.

rubiqubeI settled for Empty Canvas by Romanian designer Adrian Diaconescu, It’s just what I was after, Thanks Adrian.

Next step was to create a simple, clean logo. When in need of a quick typography fix I usually head on over to DaFont, type in my text and then preview their top 100. A good place to start for logo design ideas.

Angelic War from Dirt2 caught my eye and I decided to have a play with this – I typed my surname, and name of this blog, “MacKinven” into Fireworks, my graphics application of choice, and then added a slight red gradient over the text, giving the result seen at the top of this page.

Happy so far.

Next up was getting my HTML Page Titles optimised for SEO. I found a great post from Nathan Rice, explaining how to do this. I made a couple of small modifications and ended up with this code:

<?php if ( is_home() ) { ?>
<?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> &mdash; <?php bloginfo(‘description’); ?>
<?php } else { ?>
<?php wp_title(”); ?> &mdash; <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>
<?php } ?>

Adding this to your header.php gives a nice Title tag for the home page that is the blog title and blog buy-line together – For posts this gives the post title first followed by the blog title.

Done! And welcome to the blog.

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