The CV of Hope – My Brother’s Portfolio Site

My brother Lex has been working on his portfolio site and has just added a masterful header image that had me clutching my sides with laughter.

Cv of Hope I just love the way he has masterfully photoshopped the iStockPhoto logo over the top to make it look like a stock image – It’s a nice parody on the dime-a-dozen technology companies that use a generic stock photo of an attractive young man/woman answering the phone in their imaginary call centre. The only issue is if you look around you will find the same picture of the same young attractive person on any number of other sites. The reason for this is that people buy or grab a free picture from a stock photo site, possibly because they are lazy, or possibly because they have no attractive employees.

Anyway, Lex’s site is looking hot, and the green screen pics he has taken of himself in different outfits are priceless. Check it out.

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