Russian Blue Kittens

A very good friend of mine has a beautiful cat, the breed is Russian Blue.
We were talking about her cat recently and it emerged she is part of a larger network of people who love and collect Russian Blues in Europe.

This friend is also a web designer and has built a really cute website for the cattery and Russian blue community.
Take a look:

If you were interested in buying a Russian Blue they are apparently very smart and good natured pets, and come highly recommended. The Cattery currently has Russian Blue kittens for sale, but get in quick as stock is limited!

I must say the kittens are unbelievably small and cute! Who could resist one of these!


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  1. Awesome cats, I think ours might have Russian Blue in him, but no idea.

    • Hey, Mike. That definitely looks like a Russian Blue to me 🙂
      Thanks for the comment. Guessing by your name we might even be related!

      • There could well be a possibility we are related, there aren’t many Mackinven’s here in NZ either.

        • Hi Mike,
          Wow! you are also in NZ? My father is John MacKinven, my grandmother was Mavis MacKinven. There is a MacKinven relative we know who has been studying the family history and says there are only (approximately) 1700 MacKinvens in the world… 🙂
          I’m based in Auckland and currently work for Ninja Kiwi.
          Hope you are doing well.

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