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Violeta and Iulia in Bucharest

Violeta & Iulia

Violeta and her close friend Iulia at a Really Bad Thai Restaurant in Bucharest. We had just eaten some of the worst food I have ever had in my life. Think: giant pieces of partially cooked, rubbery squid mixed with the cheapest frozen seafood marinara mix you can find in your supermarket, the kind of marinara […]

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The CV of Hope – My Brother’s Portfolio Site

Cv of Hope

My brother Lex has been working on his portfolio site and has just added a masterful header image that had me clutching my sides with laughter. I just love the way he has masterfully photoshopped the iStockPhoto logo over the top to make it look like a stock image – It’s a nice parody on […]

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Incredibly Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

I’ve just been updating a clients site who specialise in reviewing artificial Christmas trees, and while I was in their review centre I had time to check out some of the trees they have been testing lately. I must say I am completely amazed at how realistic some of these trees are! Back in New […]

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Russian Blue Kittens

A very good friend of mine has a beautiful cat, the breed is Russian Blue. We were talking about her cat recently and it emerged she is part of a larger network of people who love and collect Russian Blues in Europe. This friend is also a web designer and has built a really cute […]

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