Incredibly Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

I’ve just been updating a clients site who specialise in reviewing artificial Christmas trees, and while I was in their review centre I had time to check out some of the trees they have been testing lately. I must say I am completely amazed at how realistic some of these trees are! Back in New Zealand we almost always use real pine trees, which I prefer myself, and I like the smell of real pine needles. But for those who perhaps live in a city apartment where real trees are not available, or are simply too much hassle, then perhaps a plastic tree might be a good option. I could not help but be impressed with the little beauty shown in the pic. It only costs a couple of hundred and has 700 lights! This is pretty convenient for those who want an easy option, low hassle and low maintenance. I do miss the smell of real pine cones though….


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  1. Wow! that is a really nice Xmas tree! Is it real or artificial? I mean the one in the pic

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