Easy Recipes Not Indexed by Google

I’ve setup a new site recently with my friend Violeta from All Tips and Tricks, it’s called Easy Recipes.

The site is built on WordPress and provides a nice selection of tasty, yet easy to prepare recipes.

The problem is that the site has been up now for about 3 weeks and is still not appearing in Google’s index. It’s very strange because usually I find Google picks up new sites in a matter of days.

I’ve added a Sitemap and submitted this via Google’s webmaster tools but still no luck.

The domain does have history in the Wayback machine – and the history displayed is good – however I am now wondering if the site has been used by a more recent owner for some negative purpose and possibly is now being penalised by Google. The Wayback machine does not show the most recent year of history so this period is unknown.

I’m hoping with a link from my own personal blog that Google may come to its senses – if not I will have to file for a reconsideration request.

If anyone else has tips on rapid indexing, or overcoming penalties in Google – I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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  1. I’m very interested to see if this mention on your blog helps with the indexing, as I’ve got another site in a similar situation and I don’t know how to make it appear in Google’s search results.

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