How to Fix the Status Bar and URL Missing in Firefox 4

Quick fix to a little annoyance I have had with Firefox 4 since I installed it a few days ago – The Status Bar is off by default, and even if you work out how to re-enable it (you can activate the status bar by going to View > Toolbars > Status Bar) there is still the problem that the URL does not show in the status bar for links you hover over on a page.

Instead you see these links in a truncated form inside little “floating” window, making them completely useless. As if this wasn’t annoying enough, the links also flit from side to side of your monitor screen, always moving to the opposite side of the screen that your mouse is on! Crazy when you consider the eye is almost alwasys focused on the mouse pointer location. It’s extremely distracting having to look at the other side of the screen from that which you are working on.

So the part you have all been waiting for, the fix to the missing status bar and URL in Firefox 4

Hopefully the Firefox developers will come to their senses and remedy this issue, until then you need to install a plugin called Status 4 Evar to do the work for you, and then activate the tatus bar, if you have not already (as above) then navigate to View > Toolbars > Customize and drag the Status 4 Evar option on to your status bar.

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