Agia Galini – A Few Pictures taken in Creta, Greece

I feel bad I have not emailed anyone back home with an update recently. I was hoping to organise this blog chronologically with pictures of my trip, however I’m throwing up a few pics of Agia Galini, Creta, Greece which is where I am now so everyone can see. I’ll post some pics of Athens and London soon.

Click the images for larger versions:


Below is the view from the OLD apartment in the morning as the sun came up on a slightly overcast day (it had been raining), we have a much nicer apartment now, and much closer to the sea 🙂

Below are some images that Violeta took of Agia Galini village:

Agia GaliniBelow is the Agia Galini village near Pantheon restaurant (Taverna)

agia-galini village near Pantheon restaurant (Taverna)One of the many hotels in Agia Galini (Below)

Agia Galini Hotel

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  1. Photos look amazing dude, REALLY colourful

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